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9_ Wildflower Wall - Protea touches

Wall Murals

and Aerial Photography


Aerial Photography

Dead Tree Lake - Stirling Dam, WA_LR.jpg
Spring Palette - Yenyening Lakes, WA_LR.
Heart of Collie - Collie, WA_LR.jpg
Cessna 172 Skyhawk Light Aircraft Plane


Hi, I'm Lian

Wildly Australian was born out of a love for our stunning Western Australian nature and landscapes. Dubbed the wildflower state, native beauties feature heavily in my works as I boldly brighten up walls around Perth. I'm a local artist interested in projects that benefit communities and broaden the suburb appeal to wider audiences. I've recently worked with the Town of Victoria Park, Vic Park Collective and surrounding local businesses to create wall murals in and around the metro area.

My partner and I also combine our two loves - flight and art - to take abstract and richly textured aerial photographs. These images are featured on the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority’s Yagan Square Digital Tower and available just down the road at King Street Collective, both of which are a great support to local artists.

I continually look forward to exploring more of WA from the sky and making my mark on many more walls to come...



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9_ Wildflower Wall - Protea touches
9_ Wildflower Wall - Protea touches

861 Albany Highway,

East Victoria Park

855 Albany Highway,

East Victoria Park


Yagan Square,

Wellington Street, Perth CBD

King Street,

Perth CBD

King St Collective_Insitu_HR.jpg
King St Collective_Insitu_HR.jpg
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